Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Settling In.....

So I am writing this post from my new apartment in Washington Heights. I am so happy with this place, it is a shame that I only can have it until September, I totally love my room and the neighborhood looks really nice (from what I've seen so far). I can see Fort Washington from the lobby of my building....and it is really quite nice. I also have a huge window in my bedroom that gets great light in the afternoon, so everything is copacetic!

As for the roomies, well we already know one is cool and I have yet to meet the other one...but apparently she is a really cool chick too. I trust Columbia Girl's judgement sooo I am feeling really cool about the situation, however this IS my first time living with females other than my mother, so who is to say what will happen...right?

I figure gay guys and girls would make for an ideal living situation....I mean look at how well Will and Grace turned out?


Too bad we don't actually live on the Upper West Side, that would have made it perfect! In any case, I am happy with my living situation right now and I really cannot complain.

I actually came home tonight to dinner from Columbia Girl. She made chicken and broccoli and it was fantastic! Aren't you jealous? I didn't even ask for it...she just decided that she wanted to make it. I guess this is what my dad feels like when he gets home from work...LMFAO! I'm definitely gonna be cooking up a storm this weekend to pay her back for her generosity, I just haven't figured out what I am gonna make yet. One thing is for sure, I am excited to throw down in this kitchen. I mean it is truly HUGE, I've totally gotta put it to good use.

Anywho, in other news...I am so excited for this weekend because my Dutch brother from a different mother, Pete, is coming into town and we are gonna have a crazy time. He is one blogger that I have really been looking forward to meeting irl and I believe that we will definitely have some stories come next week

LOL! And dudes, could he have picked a better weekend to come?

Come on......Memorial Day Weekend?



A bunch of horned up sailors descending into the city to let loose and "blow off some steam"

DADT baby! *wink*


Dudes, there is gonna be seamen flowing in the street!!!!!!!*

* And of course by seamen, I actually mean seamen and not what you probably thought I meant. Although if the aforementioned seaman is cute enough perhaps we could then work out some sort of arrangement whereby I could possibly help him release his "other seamen".

In a safe and equitable manner of course.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Is Here!

So I am finally done with the semester from hell....and it looks like I got A's in all my classes!


You would think that now I could finally relax but au contraire my friends, I am currently in the process of moving all my shit to my new digs in Washington Heights.


For those of you keeping track, that is like 170+ blocks away from my current residence in Brooklyn Heights. LOL! But the price is fantastic, it is in a great neighborhood, it is right off the train and best of all....i'll be sharing it with Columbia Girl!!!!

You guys will remember her as the first person I actually sat down and came out to (I'm not counting PR Boy in this because that situation was different). Anyways, she is my #1 hag and we are bound to have a great summer together here in the city. I am actually subletting a room from her current roommate because she is going home to her family in New Jersey. I am kinda excited but I hate this whole packing foolishness. Also, I'm gonna have to rent a car too and I'm really not looking forward to driving in the city...alas it must be done :(

In other news, I scored a temp job at this construction firm that is overseeing the renovation of The Plaza Hotel. Honestly, this has to be the most random job I have ever had, but it pays great and I basically just copy, fax, collate and file all day. My supervisor is the coolest chick and she sends me on like 2hr breaks and PAYS me for them. HAHA!

I am probably only gonna be there until June or so, but it is a great placeholder for now...and I can still work at the store on the weekends so everything is working out.


"You can come lay some pipe right here playa......"

(Yes I know it was corny, but you totally giggled, don't front!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Did Something Kinda Drastic This Morning

For whatever reason I woke up this morning, logged onto my Facebook account and said......

F-U-C-K T-H-I-S!!!

I dunno if I have explicitly mentioned this on the blog, but I have always been listen on Facebook as being "Interested In Women"


Now, you have to understand that I set up that account the summer after my freshman year at UF (so over 4 years ago). At that time, even though I knew I was gay, I wasn't in a place to accept it and I really thought that perhaps I would meet a really cool/hot chick while at college and everything would change......

Well, we all know that doesn't happen LOL!

Anyways, the reason why I never changed my orientation on Facebook was because I have A BUNCH of cousin/godbrothers/godsisters on there and I really didn't want my family finding out that way for obvious reasons. This was also way before the advent of the hyper-convoluted privacy settings that FB now I didn't have the option of hiding some stuff from some people and revealing some stuff to others.

I figured that any change in the "Interested in Women" field, even if I left it blank, would totally spark some intense I've basically left my profile dormant since late 2004.......


Those of you who are Facebook friends with me will recognize what I did if you check my profile. Now, I didn't come out or anything...I didn't put that I am interested in men...but I think I made enough changes to it now so that it isn't a complete lie/misrepresentation of me.

Baby Steps!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

NYC Is So Random....

One of the reasons that I enjoy this city so much is because at any time of the day you can get into the most random shit...

I was at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square looking for a book to help me with my Personality Theories paper when my friend Ryan called me up.....

"K, I don't know where you are but get over to the Virgin Megastore right now, Robyn is about to perform!"

I was like...." me a spot"

Now, I have to admit, I really don't follow her music that much. I only know of some songs in passing and I remember that she had that one dance hit back in the 90's when I was like middle school or I was kinda out of place with all the other hardcore fans who were singing along to every word.

Nevertheless, I had a great time. She is as CUTE AS A BUTTON and so so gracious. I am definitely a fan. I've gotta catch up to everyone else and start checking out ol' homegirl's music now.

And let me tell you....apparently Robyn brings out all the hot gay men because the Virgin Megastore felt like G or Barracuda when I walked up in there. Sooooo many hotties. (Including the guy that Ryan bought a drink for at B Bar, Jay....LOLOLOLOL!)

Anyways, here are some pics....we had an excellent spot, but I've gotta say, I've got a MASSIVE headache now from the speakers. I was tooo closssseeeee!

Only in NYC!