Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun Pics From The Getty Museum

Kelly took me here on Sunday and as you can see it was a beautiful day! I really enjoyed the architecture of the campus, it was so cool.

Also, the Getty is TOTALLY the place to scope out hot guys.


Kelly and I dubbed it "The Guy-ty" because we spent the ENTIRE TIME ogling all the hot boys up in that piece! I swear, you'd thought it was The Abbey or something.....just crazy crazy amounts of hotties. I don't even think we really checked out the exhibits...LMFAO!

(No we did, but they were definitely secondary)

Full LA recap coming up soon.....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Packed And Ready To Go!!!!!!!

Just zipped up my suitcase and I am all ready for my Spring Break


I've got my condoms, lube, play sheets, dildos (Mark reminded me last night), gags (for Troy) and I even found space for my porta-sling!

I hope my luggage isn't overweight when I check in....

Oh wells!

Stay tuned for jokes next week after I get back.

I'm sure there will be many.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


My #1 Bitch Mimi tore up SNL last night!

She looked looked like a hot tranny mess from Transylvania who isn't apologizing for it (a.k.a. AMAZING).


I'm totally feeling the new single 'Migrate' that she debuted on the show too. I cannot wait for this album to drop on April 15th. I'm totally gonna be at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square...LOL!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is This Worth $4,300?

Ok, granted I am gay and these pictures really do nothing for me......but honestly Eliot...4,300 dollars for that?!?!?!?!

As my Grandmother would say.....

"BOY......IS YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?!"

This is so shameful. I have no idea what it is about politicians that makes them think that they can get away with shit like this and not get caught. Have you ever seen hypocrisy like this before in your life? Spitzer was a prosecutor who busted prostitution rings for god stakes...LOLOLOLOL!

And let me tell you...I've got to get this off my chest...

Wives of politicians, listen to your boy K......


Homegirl listen, I know that your angry. I know your hurt. I know on some level you clearly still love your man even though he cheated on you. But the simple fact is that he fucked up, let him face the music himself! Don't allow yourself be trolled out there on stage while your shitty ass husband tries to drum up some sympathy from the public. I swear to god whenever I see it I get sooo angry.

Why do people cheat?

Perhaps I am just really young and idealistic but for the life of me I could never imagine a situation where I could possible cheat on someone who I supposedly in a loving, monogamous relationship with. Can someone help me? Why do people cheat?

If you don't have the same feelings for that person anymore either seek help (marriage/relationship counseling) to fix whatever troubles your relationship or break the fuck up. Am I being naive right now?

I just don't get it.

And to make matters even worse the man has THREE DAUGHTERS (13,15 and 17 I believe) who are more than likely all now gonna have serious trust issues with men. And they are all at the worst age of development for something like this to happen....right when they are starting to explore their first romantic relationships. I hope they keep an eye out for them and get them some quality counseling.

This is all so someone could fuck up his entire family for a 4,300 dollar whore who isn't even that cute. (as if she could ever be attractive enough to justify him cheating in the first place)

I'm just really angry....I apologize to whoever reads this and thinks I am being to harsh and judgmental.

I've gotta go back and study....holler!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Christian Siriano just won Project Runway and he totally deserved it. I am very happy with the outcome, he had a great collection (they all did actually) and hopefully he will have a lot of success in the future.

He also needs his own show because the boy is HILARIOUS!!

Pure jokes!

American Idol Critique (Guys)

So, i'll admit that I used to be crazy crazy into this show, but for some reason this season hasn't really caught my attention. At least not until now. Since last week I have been watching it regularly while at the gym and I've got to looks like it is gonna be a pretty entertaining season. Their are DEFINITELY some hotties on the guys side that will no doubt keep my attention all season long....or as long as they manage to stay on the show. HAHA!

Ooooh Mr. Johns....another hottie...and he is Australian (you know I have a thing for Aussies...LOL). Too bad you had to pick the most obnoxious song to sing from the most obnoxious movie ever to come out of the 80's. For that, I am not pleased...but since you are fine i'll give you a pass....don't let it happen again though, or else it's OVER!


You just KNOW his ass toked up before he came out on stage..his ol goofy ass. I am not impressed, but I'm sure the lil girls will love your ass so you'll be back next week. Whatever....NEXT!

Oh so fine. Tell me he doesn't look like Orlando Bloom? LOL! Anyways, too bad he is a whinny singer and totally boring. He'll be gone on Thursday...mark my words. Too bad you're married and straight bb, you could come over to my place and I could console you........

I get that this kid, David Archuwhateverthefuck can sing....but he is just so fucking irritating. I kinda want to break his face. I suppose this makes me a bad person...whatever. He is exceptionally annoying and the whole "oh gee golly wilikers" responses that he always gives come off as extremely contrived and fake to me. I wouldn't loose sleep if he wasn't there next week...but you just know he will be so I suppose this is all really futile.

Oh flamingly gay Danny Noregia, I love the fact that you don't give a shit and just come out and be yourself. Even tho I've yet to really like any of your performances, you always keep it entertaining...and I love that. This kid is what.....19.....and he clearly is out and proud on national TV...takes guts I tell you. If I voted, I would totally vote for him just to make a statement (and for the constant LOL's he brings every week) homboy...he did good....but he's a lil' bit Ruben He kinda doesn't bring anything new to the table, soooo even tho I think he is a really good singer...I dunno how much longer he'll make it in the competition. He at least deserve to make it further than Luke tho...he is horrible (singing-wise of course).

Oh, its the Stripper David Hernandez. They boy can sing but I cant deal with watching is crazy facial contortions and his outta control eyebrow movements, they are beyond distracting. I seriously find myself just waiting to see what kinda of awkward face he is gonna make next. Clearly this isn't the type of situation that a singer wants to be in.

Oh are my favorite of the night. I love the fact that he took this Lionel song and did his lil' rock thing with it. And I think he is kinda cute too no? Hello is one of my favorite songs of all time and I remember my Pops used to sing it to Mom back in the day. AWWWWWWWW, I know how cute right? My Daddy got game...LOL!

I'll recap the girls tomorrow night I think...after I get home from my first midterm of the semester. I'm totally gonna ace that shit (I hope....LOL). Night guys!

Oh, big ups to @ Just Jared for the links I stole. LOL!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Want Everyone's Opinion....

Ok I am warning everyone from now, this is going to be a really inane post. (as if 98% of my blog isn't already...LOL)

Anywho, I would like everyone's opinion....

So I am in the locker room in the gym tonight...minding my own business and putting on my clothes. I turned around as I was putting my other arm into my hoodie and I glanced over at this guy getting undressed at the bench across from me.

Now mind you, I've seen this guy around before in the gym.....mid thirties, white, 5'9ish, amazing arms, so-so face. All and all I would give him a 7 out of 10 in the looks department. (although his arms and shoulders definitely deserve a 9 b/c they are really extraordinary...esp for a guy his size)

So I was collecting my water bottle and my iPod off the bench as he was dropping his gym shorts (no jokes please...this was absolutely unintended) and O--M--G!!!!!!

A fucking tripod guys.....this guy had to be packing like AT LEAST 7in......


How this man walks without tripping over his penis is absolutely beyond me....real talk!

Anyways, so I got all my stuff together with the quickness as not to stop and gawk (Momma K always taught me not to stare) but as I was turning the corner he looked up and smiled at me. I don't think it was suggestive at was kinda one of those half-smiles that you give as a courtesy to someone as you walk past them on the street. (at least in the South...NYC is a whole 'nother story)

You guys know what I'm talking is kinda somewhere between a real smile and a teeth...just a slight upturn of the corners of the mouth with the smile never quite reaching the eyes. So obviously I smiled back in the same fashion, thought nothing of it and kept on moving towards the door.

However, me being the super curious know I just couldn't help but to turn around one more time as I was going through the hallway. LOL!

When I did, I was greeted with his eyes clearly looking at my back. LOL! When I turned around he quickly picked up his stuff and turned around to stuff his clothes in the locker. When he did this, I was absolutely FLABBERGASTED to find a fuckin' tribal TRAMP STAMP right above his asscrack!

A Tramp Stamp?

On a MAN?


So here comes the question I want someone to answer for me.....

Does a man with a Tramp Stamp automatically = Gay?

Orrrrrrrr am I just being really ridiculous?

Now just to preempt those who might say, "but K, the only thing that really makes anyone gay is having an attraction to the same sex", yes I know this but we've (for better or worse) been trained to pick up on certain cues to clue us in on those who might be playing on our team. I just want someone to tell me whether or not I am totally off base for thinking that no straight man would EVER have a Tramp Stamp.

Please enlighten me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Your boy K is coming to LA!!!!!

So, I just booked my ticket and I am mad excited to meet up with everyone and get super sloppy and pick up some West Coast hotties.


So, in the mist of this crazy semester, I was reminded the other day that Spring Break is coming up. There is no way I could possibly go through a Spring semester without going on a vacay, that would be sacrilegious!!! Plus I have never not had a Spring Break in 5 years of higher education...there is no way I was gonna start now.

So I was talking about where I should go online earlier this week and B reminded me that Troy was going to LA in March. Luckily, my Spring Break coincides with the week he will be there so I was like, "there is NO WAY I am gonna let Troy go all the way over there and have fun with all the LA bloggers without me....HELLLL NA!"

So I am putting all of you (Kelly, JR, Mike, Sam & Bronson) on notice!

I'll be in town from March 19th to the 24th...get ready to get stoopid with me and Troy!