Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!

It's that time of year!!!!

I am currently packing for Jamaica. I am leaving tomorrow to meet my parents....who are already down there.

We decided to mix it up this I'll be spending Christmas down there this year with them and some assorted uncles/aunts/cousins etc etc etc.....

Anyway I will be back for New Years as JR is coming to spend some time in the city. I haven't seen him since Spring Break in March so it'll be fun to celebrate the new year with an old friend.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Say hello to the 2008 SEC Champions (and future National Champions in less than a month)

I'm so excited! The BCS Championship game is going to be in Miami this year and that really bodes well for us! We are playing great, we fucked up Alabama this evening WITHOUT Percy Harvin so god help whoever plays us in that title game when we're all healthy.

Tebow might even get the Heisman again this year. That boy is a BEAST and he is playing ridiculously well!



So it looks like we are playing Oklahoma in the title game. Boys, this is going to be a game to's gonna be WILD. I mean, two insane offenses....there are def going to be fireworks. Honestly, I would have much preferred to play Texas as I think we would have an easier time with them but I think we'll be alright on the 8th. Dan, I hope y'all are coming prepared because if you're not a Gator...your GATOR BAIT!