Sunday, September 28, 2008

OMG R.I.P. Paul!!!!!

So if you didn't hear, Paul Newman died yesterday at his house in Connecticut.


Honestly one of the best actors EVER.....and one of the most generous too! I know that he gave a lot (if not all..I don't remember) of the proceeds from his Newman's Own brand of products over to charity.

A truly classy guy, and one of the most handsome men ever to grace the screen!

Real Talk!

This Made Me Smile

Tina and Amy win at life!

If anyone saw the real interview between Palin and Couric earlier this'll realize that this sketch isn't really that far off....

And that my a travesty.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This Is Why Jon Stewart Needs To Be My Baby Daddy....

The blatant hypocrisy from these people never ever cease to amaze me.

I don't know why I still am shocked....I suppose I really shouldn't be at this point, but I really cannot help it.

I suppose would be hilarious if it wasn't so simultaneously frightening.......


In other news, I actually ran into Lindsay Lohan in SoHo yesterday while leaving work. I've gotta say, it is definitely one of the most random moments that I've had in NYC thus far. I actually bumped into one of her handlers (the blonde chick in the link) while I was txt'ing away, totally oblivious to the world around me. Being the Southern Gentleman that I am, I said excuse me and stepped to the side....only then realizing that mofo Lindsay Lohan was tip-toeing behind her.

LMFAO @ Lindsay Lohan trying to act inconspicuous in broad daylight in SoHo of all places....

Anyway, I stood frozen on the sidewalk as she was kinda surreal. Everyone was really respectful and no one hounded her but you could totally see the sea of people on Prince Street slowly parting ways to let her and her posse through....LOL!

It was the most bizarre thing, people would be in mid-conversation and just stop...and move out of the way.....and just stare....

Can you imagine getting that reaction everytime you walked out of your house? No wonder these people are so maladjusted.