Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time Waster.....

I ran across this tonight and I thought that I would share it with you guys......

According to this website, your boy K is quite the healthy guy. My BMI is 24.3, my WHtR is 42.9%, body fat is 7.2%, surface area is 1.94m squared, and my BMR is 1856 kcals/day.

I find it very interesting that the website says that Male College Swimmers' WHtR's are 42.8% because I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT have a swimmer's body....LOLOL!

All and all I am pretty happy with my body.....I could stand to lower my BMI a bit still because I still feel that I am really flabby but that might just be your typical case of gay man's body dsymorphia.

This was perhaps the worst website to look at this evening tho, seeing as though I just finished a huge Chinese dinner (sweet n' sour chicken) and my roomies baked chocolate chip cookies (3 of which are happily floating around in my stomach).

Now if you excuse me boys, I've got a "date" with one of my best friends......

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Keep It Classy....

And because of this fact Petey......I am NOT gonna rub this win in your face.

Because doing so would be classless and immature.....

However, I do hope you watched the match....

It was quite interesting no?


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Deets On The Boy....

Ok, so I've reached the point where I can comfortably get excited about the prospects of my new boy. I think it is pretty safe to say at this point that we are dating...although it isn't official. All and all, I am really happy how things have progressed so far and I'm excited to find out whats awaiting me around the corner :)

I suppose if you are reading this that means that you want some deets on him so I guess i'll spill....

First off let's call him "Ryan" (obvs. not his real name). Now Ryan is 22 and he just moved to NYC this summer. He is originally from North Carolina and you can totally tell because he has THE CUTEST Southern accent ever...ha! He is around my height (5'10 ish) and my build, although I think I might be *slightly* bigger than me. He's got a really nice body and I am seriously jealz over his calves because even after 11+ years of soccer, my legs STILL can't look like his. It is a damn shame I tell you......LOL!

He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, really nice skin and the softest lips eva.....OMFG this guy's lips, you have no idea......

So yea, I guess you could say I am slightly smitten..ha!

Anywho, Ryan is a really, really great catch from what I've seen so far. In addition to being absolutely adorable, he is really smart and has a great sense of humor. I dunno about you guys, but being able to joke around with someone anndddd have them keep up and actually understand your humor is such a huge, huge turn-on. We joke around and make fun of each other constantly and it is really a great time. To be honest, I kinda feel like I've known him for longer than I have because we just have kinda fallen into this natural back and forth....

I dunno how to explain it...

All I know is that I am just really, really happy right now! It would be the understatement of the century for me to say that I am really looking forward to spending more time with him and getting to know him better.

And to think, I almost didn't go up and talk to him the night that we met (thanks for pushing me btw Jay..LOL!) because I thought that he was wayyyyy to cute for me. I mean, who wants to have to deal with the rejection..ya know?

Things have really turned out better than I could have ever hoped tho, and it just goes to show that sometimes it is worth it to take a chance. :)

More updates to come!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In 2008......Really?!?!?!

I was at work today checking my mail and my pops sent me a link to this disgusting....but not all that surprising story.

I don't understand the ignorance of some people in this day and age....I really don't. Typical GOP bullshit....

If this is all they've got I am starting to feel really bad for them. God forbid if Obama wins, all the racists and small minded bigots are gonna have a collective heart attack.

I wonder where they'll move?

I know for a fact that Canada doesn't want those bitches...LOL!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've Been Sitting On This......

I met a guy last week....he's great!

We had our first date last was GREAT!

We've made plans to go out multiple times next week.....EVEN BETTER!

I think I may have found something special guys....

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I screamed audibly at my desk...

R.I.P. Tim


My Sunday mornings are never going to be the same again....

Monday, June 9, 2008

My New Jam!!!!

Ok in keeping with the theme of this blog and taking into account that I have absolutely no shame, I am ready to admit that my new summer jam (at least for the moment) has to be Lindsay Lohan's new single - Bossy.


Before you laugh and start making fun of me and....realize that everyone needs a shitty pop song in their lives. You are no different so don't pretend like you are better.


And please...with such award winning lyrics as...and I quote....

I’m just a little bossy/ I like it how I like it when I like it/ And that’s how it is

How can you really go wrong?

Whatever, I hear you snickering in the corner but I don't give a shit. Please believe that I was at Shelter on Saturday night and when this song came on every mo in that place lost their damn mind...

This is the official hot jam and trust if you run into me on the subway or on the street ima be humming this shizz.

You got a problem with it?/ If I want it I get it now!!!!!!!!!!


Download Link

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Kinda Hyped Up For This

For all the soccer/football fans out there, you are undoubtedly super duper excited for this weekend because Euro 2008 kicks off this Saturday (the 7th) with the Group A match.....Switzerland vs. Czech Republic @ 12PM EST!!!!!!!

Thank GOD ESPN is gonna be covering everything this time around, it is gonna be a great tournament and I am totally gonna be Tivo'ing all the matches since I will prolly be at work during the live airings. Speaking of which....



With that being said, I am totally pulling for Germany to take this shit! They've got a great squad and of course there is the fuckin stud Michael Ballack.......

OOOoooOOooOOoo the THINGS I'd let him DO TO ME!


Anyway, back on topic....

So basically I'm really pullin for Germany to win this and I think they can do it. To be honest, I'll be happy just as long as Portugal or Italy don't advance. Both squads are full with a bunch of PANSY ASS BITCHES!!!!!!

*I'm looking at you Ronaldo and Materazzi.....among others*

Ugh, don't even get me started......

Petey, I'm praying that you guys will manhandle those bitches on Monday! Good luck!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Alright's time to handle McCain now!