Saturday, August 30, 2008


McCain, you're so transparent.....

You pick a first term governor from the most insignificant state in the Union with no foreign policy experience to be your VP?!?!

Could it be because she has ovaries?

Could it be your still trying desperately to court the disgruntled Hillary supporters who want a woman in the White House by any means necessary?

Bless your heart John (my grandmother's words, not mine) it still isn't going to work bb....

Gov. Palin, please do your homework because when that Vice Presidential debate comes around I suspect that Sen. Biden is going to have a field day with you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Homerun......

Just two more months....I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Annnddddddd I'm Back!

Sorry I've been gone so long guys, I've been super-duper busy with moving and stuff...

Plus I just got internet installed in my apartment yesterday...LOL!

It feels great to finally be back in the 21st century with the rest of you guys. It's funny, you don't realize how much you depend on modern conveniences until you don't have them anymore! For the last month, my only connection to the digital world has been my iPhone and let me tell you, even though it is one of the best mobile computing platforms out there, it just can't replace a good ol' fashioned desktop and high-speed connection!!!!

Anyway, we have so much to catch up on! First great were the Olympics this year?!?!?! I caught bits and pieces of it since we don't have a TV yet, but I didn't miss any of the real good stuff thank god! Michael Phelps was an obvious highlight but what I really want to discuss is how fucking AMAZING Jamaica did this time around......we owwwnnnnn Track and Field yo!

I don't know if I explicitly mentioned this on the blog before but both of my parents were born and raised in Jamaica and I am pretty sure that about 50% of my extended family still lives on the island. Needless to say, we've all been ridiculously elated with the results of our countrymen this time around. Usain Bolt is a mofo'ing B-E-A-S-T!!! World record here, gold medal there, he was most definitely doing his thing this time around.

The only low point was when our girls fucked up that 4x100m relay....they went into it being the heavy favorites and just messed up that handoff. Honestly, that is just being really picky though, because we won or placed in like every other track and field event this year (18 medals in all I think) so it is whatever :)

In personal news, I plan to come out to Whorehouse Boy he comes into town for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. I am about 80% certain that he will take it in stride, he rarely gets worked up over anything. I hope I'm right. At least now we can openly laugh about how he tried to get me prostitutes while we were backpacking in Costa Rica...LMFAO!!!